Miami #1 rental market in United States in 2022


According to a recent RentCafe survey, Miami "was by far the hottest rental market in the U.S." in 2022.


Miami-Dade County has the greatest occupancy rate of any large market, according to the survey, with 97.5% of all available units.


The county's 75% lease renewal rate was likewise incredibly high.


The maximum number of applicants per unit in the research was 32 when units did become available.


Miami-vacant Dade's units were rented out in just 25 days.


With a "staggering" 2.8% proportion of new flats in the first quarter of the year, Miami had the highest reported new inventory among the top 20 markets.


According to the article, it was still "far from matching the strong demand" in Miami.


The website claims that a number of elements, including the absence of a state income tax, a business-friendly environment, and a thriving tech industry, have drawn hordes of Millennials and even Gen Zers to Miami.


For the study, RentCafe analysts examined Yardi Systems data from 135 rental markets in the United States.


(source: RentCafe)

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